Lia Gonçalves

Basing her work on a contemporary approach, Portugal-based designer Lia Gonçalves shifts between jewellery and design, reflecting the preference for a minimalist aesthetic and, at the same time, a deep concern about the functionality of the jewel.

In 2009 she graduated in Jewellery Design and after that, she concluded a Master Degree in Product Design, both from ESAD/Matosinhos ( Escola Superior de Artes e Design). In 2010 she decided to launch her own brand.

With a classic background but strongly influenced for conceptual research in jewellery making, her pieces combine geometric lines and organic elements with a special care for traditional handcrafted techniques, exploring simple and usable shapes, which the user can often recreate, reinterpret and customize. 

The focus of her creations intends to involve and connect directly the 'other', emphasizing the relational concept that establishes the boundaries between the inhabited body and the jewel itself.

Planets and moons are the main source of inspiration and, since she begun to design, several lines were released, recreating the motive.

Minimalism, handcrafted work and continuous use of silver as her main material created characteristic brand. 

Processo Lia Gonçalves Processo Lia Gonçalves
Processo Lia Gonçalves Processo Lia Gonçalves